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Recipe of the Month:  Snow Cream

This is a favorite from my childhood--back when it only snowed every 5 or 10 years in Huntsville.  Mother would treat us to "Snow Cream."  Now, some people think this is unsanitary but if you're adventuresome, give it a try!  It's a winter treat that doesn't happen often and tastes better than ice cream!

"Snow Cream" Recipe

1 Cup Snow (make sure it's clean!)
1/2 Cup Whipping Cream or other cream of choice
1 T. Sugar
2-3 drops Vanilla flavoring

In a separate bowl, mix cream, sugar and vanilla.  Slowly add snow to desired consistency.  Eat and enjoy!

All ingredients can be adjusted to suit your particular preferences.  You might want to try some other flavorings:  cinnamon, butterscotch, almond, or eggnog mix.  For the more daring, add rum.

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