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Faberge Eggs: A Retrospective Encyclopedia

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Faberge Eggs Book

Faberge Eggs

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A must for admirers of Faberge eggs. This well-researched book is filled with pictures, facts, background notes and the story of the Easter eggs.
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  • First Encyclopedia of Faberge Eggs
  • Detailed Description of 66 eggs
  • Background stories of Faberge people


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  • Four categories of eggs explored: Tsar Imperial Eggs, Imperial Eggs, Kelch Eggs, and Other Eggs.
  • Description of each egg, plus workmaster, materials, background notes, provenance, and exhibitions.
  • Book reveals biographies of artisans of the House of Faberge.

Guide Review - Faberge Eggs: A Retrospective Encyclopedia

You could actually call this magnificant book: "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Faberge." Huntsville resident, Christel McCanless has teamed up with Australian Will Lowes to create a book for both the new admirer of Faberge eggs and the more advanced scholar. The authors state: "This encyclopedia is an attempt to collect all known, accurate information on the...eggs made by the House of Faberge." The 286-page book includes a picture of each egg plus detailed description, the workmaster, marks, materials, dimensions, background notes, provenance, exhibitions, and references.   Although steeped in research, this beautiful book is also a delight for the newcomer to the world of Faberge. Lowes and McCanless reveal their passion for Faberge eggs and share all the details with the reader. The only book on Faberge you'll need.
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