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Which Would it Be: Ballerina or Newcaster?


Anchorwoman Erin Dacy on WAAY-Channel 31
At first it seems a stretch of the imagination to see the connection between being a ballerina and a news anchor, but Erin Dacy explains it clearly. Both jobs are a "performance" and you need to have poise and be comfortable being in the spotlight.

Local ABC affiliate, WAAY-31 TV newswoman Erin Dacy was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas where she lived with her parents and one sister, who is four years younger. Erin started ballet at the age of three and continued for 15 more years. She danced professionally while in high school and spent much of her free time after school and weekends practicing and performing.

When it was time to go to college, Erin showed an early maturity by logically deciding that a career in dance would be short-lived (dancers' physically don't last long), hard (only the best would be financially secure), forced to live a vagabond lifestyle on the road that would be demanding and hectic. It would be hard, if not impossible to have a home and family.

Since Joseph Myers, Erin's maternal grandfather, had been an FBI agent and was responsible for guarding Jack Ruby after the John F. Kennedy assassination, he had some close-up experience with the media. He suggested to Erin that she had what it takes to be a good reporter. Upon his suggestion, Erin decided on broadcast as a better career move than being a professional dancer.

Everyone in Texas was going to the University of Texas for school but Erin wanted to try something different. As fate would have it, a neighbor was doing some work at the University of Alabama and talking about what a wonderful school it was. After investigating the college, Erin decided to enrolled in News and Public Affairs with a minor in Spanish at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Her first impression of Alabama was how beautiful and different it was from Texas. She has been here ever since and never regrets her move to the Heart of Dixie.

Erin quickly learned that the job market is tough for someone wanting a career in television. Out of her graduating class of thirty-plus students, she says that only three or four actually ended up with careers in broadcasting. "More women, however, than men are holding the anchor jobs that are available these days," says Dacy.

Erin credits her own success with her professor's suggestion that she intern at the local television station in Tuscaloosa while going to college. Her hard work, diligence and the luck of being in the right place at the right time for a job opening when she graduated, helped her land her first paying job with the Tuscaloosa WCFT-TV station.

Besides hard work, Erin says that a job as a TV anchor involves other skills such as being a good writer, tenaciousness, ability to listen to others and discern the heart of the story, compassion and love of people. "You meet a lot of people in bad situations in this business," says Erin. "I especially liked doing the special assignment of 'Follow Up Files' because I wanted to find out how some of the people I've reported on, in probably the most difficult time in their life, are doing today." Erin shows that she cares and stays in touch with many people she reported on years ago.

Erin co-anchors the 5, 6 and 10 p.m. news on Channel 31 with Sharon Doviet. "These days I'm doing special assignment reports and some general assignment reporting," notes Dacy. She has won numerous awards from the Alabama Associated Press including Best News Anchor in 2000, 2002 and 2003; Best Documentary in 1997 and 2001, Best Series in 2000 and an Emmy Nomination for News Writing in 2001. She was a Board Member of the Alabama Associated Press from 1994-2002 and looked upon with respect and admiration from her fellow associates.

Erin seems to be doing an admirable job of juggling her busy professional duties with her role as mother to an active toddler--Ansley--and wife to fellow WAAY-TV employee and Operations Manager, Ben Boles. Erin enjoys meeting the public and is often recognized when out with her family. She says that one of the nicest things that people say to her is, "I feel like I know you." Seeing her night after night on television makes most people feel like she's an old friend of the family. And this newswoman feels right at home in that position.

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