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How To Get an Alabama Driver's License


We'd be lost without our car--and a valid driver's license is an absolute necessity!
Difficulty: Average
Time Required: 1 hour

Here's How:

  1. Make sure you are qualified for an Alabama driver's license.
  2. Take 2 forms of identification: your Social Security card and either a certified birth certificate, certified school record, valid driver's license from another state, Armed Forces I.D. card, or passport.
  3. Go to the Madison County License Department, located at 1115-A Church Street, Huntsville.
  4. Take the Vision Screening test.
  5. Take the Written Test. A $5 cash fee is charged for the test.
  6. Prepare to take the Road Test.
  7. Have your photo taken.
  8. Pay for your license--the regular 4-year operator license is $20.


  1. You must be a resident of Alabama, 16 years old, had no license suspended or revoked, have no physical or mental impairment that prevents control of vehicle, passed the driver's exam, and are not a habitual drunkard or drug user.
  2. The Road Test may include: right and left turns, signaling, use of marked and unmarked lanes, backing vehicle, observance of traffic signs and signals, making a quick stop, control of vehicle, observation, and a three-point turn.
  3. You may have to furnish a statement by a doctor showing your medical history and present condition as it pertains to your driving ability.
  4. If you don't drive but need an identification card, you can apply for a non-driver identification card from the driver license examiner.
  5. There is a 60-day grace period after the expiration date of your driver's license.

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