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Huntsville Then and Now

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Huntsville Then and Now

The Bottom Line

This is a wonderful book full of historic and present day photos of Huntsville. Photography buffs will be intrigued with the way this book was made and the history Fred B. Simpson has preserved.


  • 340+ Black and White Photos of Huntsville
  • Rare Historic Photographs Presented
  • New Photos From Courthouse Square Area


  • No Buildings Index of Photos
  • Not Much Written History of Huntsville Presented
  • Only Two Block Square of Courthouse Represented


  • Few words in this book, mostly photographs that need to be examined carefully.
  • Photographs don't lie and this book shows the true history of Huntsville.
  • A "must-have book" for Huntsville history and/or photography buffs.
  • This book is sure to become a classic in Huntsville's history.
  • Another expertly researched book from the author of "Sins of Madison County."
  • A wonderful glimpse of Huntsville before the "Space Age."

Guide Review - Huntsville Then and Now

"A Walk Through Downtown Huntsville--Then and Now" by Fred B. Simpson is a beautiful book filled with over 340 black and white photographs. Half the pictures in this book were taken from varies sources throughout Huntsville's history. Cars and clothing were used to help identify the time frame for the old photographs. Then Mr. Simpson strove to recreate the photographs in the same climate, season and angle of camera for an updated version of the photo. <p> This book is not a "quick read" but should be left on the coffee table and picked up frequently to be studied photograph by photograph. Although there are few words in this book, it brings to mind the old quote: A picture is worth a thousand words.

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