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Quilt Making Using Men's Ties

Silk Quilt is Inexpensive


Ever wonder what you could do with all those ugly ties in your husband's closet? Before you toss them out, you might want to consider making this fabulous silk quilt that Linda Mann of New Hope, Alabama whipped up. Linda had always wanted a silk quilt but didn't want to pay the price of buying real silk to use.

Linda gathered over 300 ties from her husband, friends, garage sales, and consignment shops. Ties donated by friends are machine embroidered with her friends' names on them. Linda had enough ties for a queen size quilt and a couch throw. With the leftovers, she is thinking of making a vest or some other clothing piece.

She cut the ties into strips and played with the colors until she got color schemes she liked. She then machine stitched the strips together using the Log Cabin quilt design pattern. A generous use of white silk in between the individual blocks helps to give the quilt a light, airy look.

The pointed ends of the ties were used to border the quilt. For the backing, Linda used a plain black satin piece. She then tied the quilt together instead of machine stitching or hand-quilting.

The result was an elegant, rich looking quilt with the luxury of silk but for only a fraction of the cost. You might want to try this project yourself or donate your husband's ugly and outdated ties to a handy friend to use for her next sewing project.

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