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Huntsville, AL
Enter "2006 Cutest Baby Contest"
Send Us Your Pretty Baby Photo

Do you think your child or grandchild is the cutest baby you've ever seen?  Then enter our "2005 Cutest Baby in Huntsville" contest.  Children entered must have been born in 2004 or 2005 and the photo must have been taken within the last 3 months.  Parents or Grandparents must live in or work in Madison county.  Deadline is February 14, 2006.

All candidates submitted will be reviewed by a panel of judges and only ten babies will be selected for "competition" and voting. There are no entry fees.  The winner will be the baby receiving the most votes and will be prominently displayed on the front page of About Huntsville.

The 2006 Cutest Baby title will be awarded to the winner (who will be determined by the voting public).

To enter,  fill in the fields below and click the I Agree/Submit button. (*required).  Attach ONE photo of the baby (alone) with your application in a separate email to huntsville@aboutguide.com with baby's name in subject line.

(Please only submit original photos and not professional or copyrighted ones!  
Only one entry per family--failure to comply will disqualify all entries)

Submit a Baby About The Baby
First, Middle & Last Name: *
Birthdate/Age: *
Weight/Length at Birth *
Hair & Eye Color *
First Words, cute sayings or story *
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Provide a brief description of why you think the baby should be name "2006 Cutest Baby in Huntsville"--Remember Your Essay will help determine who wins!

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