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Huntsville Restaurant Review--Edo Japanese Restaurant
Restaurant:  Edo  Japanese Restaurant
104 Intercom Dr.  Madison  772-0360
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Edo has it's roots in the Japanese Kitchen restaurant on University from many years ago. Then, it was the only sushi bar in town. Now, it is the best, in spite of the copy cats/competition. The atmosphere is wonderful, service is friendly and attentive and the food is outstanding. They have an excellent variety of Japanese entrees, appetizers and deserts, as well as terrific sushi and sashimi. If ordering sushi, it's usually quicker to sit at the bar as opposed to one of the booths or tables, and you can enjoy the chefs at work while they prepare your meal. Their sushi menu carries many items familiar to the sushi veteran, as well as some selections unique to this establishment. Therein lies my only "less than perfect" observation. Several of the specialty sushi rolls are made-ahead salad fillings (mayonnaise based). I'm sure this is done for both ease of the chefs and because other customers enjoy these particular selections, however, it is not a favorite of mine.!

This is, though, a personal preference and should not deter anyone from sampling this wonderful establishment. They have the very best miso soup I've tasted, and the ginger dressing on the house salad is superb. Also, try the tempura, it's wonderful! Over all, one of the best Japanese restaurants in the Southeast.

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