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Huntsville Restaurant Review--Furniture Factory
Restaurant:  Furniture Factory Bar & Grill
619 Meridian Street (behind Sherwin Williams Paint Store)
Huntsville AL  Phone: 539-8001
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The Furniture Factory Bar & Grill opened in early October 2001.  It is a unique eating place, with sturdy Mexican and wrought-iron furniture for sell.  

The Furniture Factory Bar & Grill got started when four friends got together, pooled their talents and opened this unusual restaurant.  Donna Hays, Margaret Poole, Danny George, and Mickey Lanier are co-owners of the Furniture Factory Bar & Grill.

Recently, The Alabama Renegades Chapter of The Red Hat Society got together to try out this newest eating place in Huntsville.  For those who don't know, The Red Hat Society is a group of middle-aged ladies who have decided to greet middle age with verve, humor, and élan.  

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