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Huntsville Restaurant Review--McAlister's Deli  Part 2
Restaurant:  McAlister's Deli
4800 Whitesburg Rd., Suite 32
Huntsville  Phone:  256-880-1557  Fax:  256-880-1558
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Appetizers include Mucho Nacho (which feeds several people), Chili Nacho (a meal in itself) or Chili Cheese Dip.  There are a variety of Soups, Chili, and Salads.  And, yes, I found a "Chicken Grill Salad," so I was happy.   My salad was a generous serving, but it was served in a plastic bowl (with plastic forks).  I like my salads in a big bowl so I can move around with it and stir it up a little bit.

McAlister's also have Chili in a Bread Bowl (too much bread and not enough soup one friend told me), Taco Salad, Tuna or Chicken Salad, and some Caesar Salads.

Signature Sandwiches include the McAlister's Club, Peppers, Onions & Beef, The Reuben, Memphian, Grilled Chicken Breast, "The Big Nasty" (roast beef served on wheat hoagie with McAlister's "Come-Back-Gravy", topped with different cheese and green onions), and Muffaletta.

Deli Sandwiches include all the regulars:  smoked turkey, roast beef, Italian beef, ham, Pastrami, corned beef, Kielbasa, salami, tuna salad, and more.  They also offered combination sandwiches.  And don't forget the dessert menu...if you have room.  

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