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Santa's Internet Safety Tip:  Always check with an adult before giving out any information about yourself on the Internet.  You don't have to enter your email address to get a reply from Santa!  Santa would also prefer it if you didn't include your last name, street address or phone number in your letter.  After all, the information below is all he really needs to keep the "Naughty & Nice List " up-to-date!  (*wink*).


Dear Santa Claus,

My first name is and my email address is . (Your email address is optional!  Make sure you read Santa's Internet Safety Tip above!).

I am a and I am already years old!!  I live in the great city of in the province/state of .  Of course, that's in , but I'll bet you knew that!!

This year I've been so good that .

Santa, some things that I might like for Christmas this year are a , a and a .

P.S. Santa, I almost forgot to add these comments!!

Santa likes to spread the Christmas spirit by sharing some of the wonderful comments he receives with others.  You can read some of Santa's favourite letters here, for example.  Is it okay if Santa shares your comments?

Now just click the button! 

Santa will reply to you personally!!  Just wait for a few seconds and Santa's reply will magically appear 

(of course, it might take a bit longer if Santa is really busy or taking a "cookie break"!!).  

Have a Very Merry Christmas!!

(Click here if you have trouble sending your letter to Santa.  This link will take you to the Email Santa site.)


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