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Huntsville History Comes Alive
Part 2: Mary Pittman Rice, Reuben Chapman, Leroy Pope Walker, Samuel Moore
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"Whether its food, talk, or traditions, there are certain things that only a true Southerner knows or understands about the Old South." Huntsville
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Mary Pittman Rice (portrayed by Sue Hensley) lived from 1803-1885. She is possibly a descendant of Pocahontas and was a big benefactor to the Church of the Navity in Huntsville.

Alabama's 13th Governor was Reuben Chapman, portrayed by Jan Williams. Gov. Chapman lived from 1799-1882. Besides being governor of Alabama, he was a lawyer, state legislator, and U. S. Congressman. During his governorship, he was known for returning the state to a sound financial footing. His home was confiscated during the Civil War, burned by the soldiers on the last day of the war, then turned into a Freedman's Camp during Reconstruction.

Leroy Pope Walker (1817-1884) was the Brigadier General in the Confederate Army. He was also Secretary of War and gave the order to fire that started the Civil War.

He is shown here with his wife, Eliza. The couple is portrayed by modern day couple, David & Michelle Lucas.

Samuel B. Moore (played by Ron Cooper) was a socially prominent bachelor and plantation owner in Huntsville who owned "Lily Flagg," the prize cow who had taken top honors in Chicago as the world's greatest butterfat producer. He gave an elaborate party in 1892 in Lily Flagg's honor. He painted his homea bright yellow for the occasion and a 50 foot dancing platform was built at the back of the mansion and lit by one of the first electric lighting systems in the Southeast. (Lily Flagg was cut out of this photo by mistake!)

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