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History of Huntsville Comes Alive
Part 3: Mollie Teal, Mary Chambers Bibb, Unknown Solider
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"Whether its food, talk, or traditions, there are certain things that only a true Southerner knows or understands about the Old South." Huntsville
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Mollie Teal (1852-1899) was a popular "madam" in Huntsville. She gave her large Victorian home to the city of Huntsville to be used as a hospital. It was the first public hospital (104-1926) until the present structure built for Huntsville Hospital. Mollie is portrayed by Tish Stevens.

Thepart of Mary Chambers Bibb (1816-1835) is played by Lorie Gill. Mary was the wife of William D. Bibb (son of Gov. Thomas Bibb), daughter of Dr. Henry Chambers. She died shortly after her marriage from a poison that her nanny had accidentally given her, mistaking it for medicine. She was buried in her wedding gown and legend says she was interred sitting up in a rocking chair. Her mausoleum was the first built in Maple Hill Cemetery.

Kevin Alspaugh portrays the "Unknown Solider" in the Confederate section of Maple Hill Cemetery, honoring 200 unknown Confederate soliders.

One of the most popular sites on the Cemetery Stroll was the Confederate section, complete with flags and entertainment by Kevin Alspaugh.

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