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Huntsville 101--April 24, 2003
Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Living in Huntsville

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There are a lot of things to learn about a city in order to live there successfully.  Sometimes it takes years to find out some of the "secrets" and tricks to living a good life.  I share tips in every issue of my weekly newsletter


If you know some good tips, please send them to me via email. I hope you find something useful to you here and feel more at home in Huntsville.

Tips for Week of April 24, 2003


  • The Huntsville Museum of Art offers half-price admission to major exhibits on Thursday evenings.

  • The Elf Shelf has moved to the corner of Governors Dr. and Madison St. in the old Mollie Teal's building.

  • Cecily and Me children's clothing boutique has opened in the Hampton Cove Center near the Exxon station at the corner of Hwy 431 and Old Hwy 431.

  • An immense 1833 meteor shower inspired the song, "Stars Fell on Alabama." The saying is now on our license plates.

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