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Madison Co. Nature Trail--Green Mt.
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If you haven't been up to Green Mountain lately, you ought to drive up to the top and visit the Madison County Nature Trail, a 72 acre park that was completed in 1975. The park is free to the public and open from 7 am until 30 minutes prior to sunset.







Special features include a 2.25 mile walking trail, pavilion, chapel, picnic tables, the Cambron Covered Bridge, Skye Lake, and accessible restrooms. You'll also find the state's largest and oldest Champion Elm tree along the trail and wildflowers, labeled for your convenience.





A staff of 2 full-time and 2 part-time people keep the park in great shape. The Madison County Nature Trail is in District 3 and under the care of County Commissioner Jerry Craig. It is also the polling place for 356 registered voters on Green Mountain.









Any season is a treat on the Nature Trail. Come in spring and you'll see the tulips, azaleas and dogwoods blooming. In summer, you'll catch wildflowers beneath the forest's deep green canopy. Fall foliage is spectacular on the mountain in the crisp air. In winter, you can enjoy a stroll through the quiet rustle of leaves along the forest floor. Ducks on Skye Lake swim by without glancing at the hikers.









Fishing is allowed in the lake for persons under 16 or older than 60 for $1.50 Monday through Friday. Weekends are reserved for the nature lovers. There is a limit to 10 fish per person and children 5 or younger can fish for free. 

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