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Monte Sano Homes Tour
Part 1: Burritt Museum Guild Holds First Annual Homes Tour

Burritt Mansion

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On Saturday, September 21, 2002, The Burritt Museum Guild will hold their first Monte Sano Mountain Homes Tour.  The public will be invited to look at some of the most unusual and fascinating homes in North Alabama.  Six homes and one garden are featured  on the tour.  For tickets, call 256-536-2882.

The present Burritt Mansion is the second one built on the Site.  The first house, constructed of wood and native stone, burned the day Dr. Burritt moved in on June 6, 1936.

Photo courtesy of Buzz Heeschen
3101 Burritt Dr. - Burritt Mansion

During its reconstruction, concrete and concrete-fiber-reinforced shingles replaced muck of the wood used in the original design.  Fronted by a large two-story portico, the entranceway features large Doric columns of concrete which were cast by hand on site.  The ornamentation of the house combines many different architectural styles including classical revival, federal, and art deco.  Unique to both houses was the use of 2200 bales of wheat straw as insulation.

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