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Product Summary
A Locust Leaves Its Shell

Collected Columns by Bill Esterling
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  Interesting vignettes from real life
•  Heart-warming and inspirational stories
•  Final book for popular local author
Cons  •  Leaves you wanting more stories
The Bottom Line - If you like warm, homespun and inspirational stories taken from real life, this book is a must-have.

Product Description
•  Bill Esterling reprints his favorite human-interest columns from The Huntsville Times.
•  This 280-page book is filled with the best storytelling of life in the South.
•  Stories with a meaning from a different point of view make this book about life a rare treasure.
Guide Review
Bill Esterling Left Behind a Legacy
"A Locust Leaves Its Shell" is the final work of beloved Huntsville Times columnist  Bill Esterling.  The second book of what was to be a trilogy of favorite human interest columns Bill had written over the years was published just shortly before his death from cancer.  

The book he left behind for us is a warm-hearted look at life in the South.  It's divided into nine parts:  Getting Personal, Looking Back, Notable People, Making a Difference, Blood Runs Thick, Liberators, Rambling Thoughts, Inspirations, and Looking Around.  Mr. Esterling's unique look at life made him a favorite with Times' readers and his talent for seeing the best in a busy world taught us all a valuable lesson.

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