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Product Summary
A Smile As Big as the Moon

Yes We Can
By Mike Kersjes
Guide Rating -  
Pros  •  True and inspiring story
•  Realistic look at special needs education
•  Inside look at how Space Camp works
Cons  •  Ended too soon!
The Bottom Line - This is an inspirational story of how two special ed school teachers defied all odds to bring their students to Space Camp.

Product Description
•  This 276 book is an inside look at schooling for special needs students.
•  Each page shows Mike Kersjes love for doing what is best for the kids.
•  Triumph over adversity makes this book an inspiring example for others.
Guide Review
Space Camp: Here We Come!
Mike Kersjes, a teacher in Grand Rapids, Michigan, transports us on the journey to achieve an extraordinary journey to send a classroom filled with students dominated by Tourette's syndrome, Down's syndrome, dyslexia, eating disorders and emotional problems to Space Camp. Despite lack of support from school administration and lack of funds, Mike and fellow teacher Robynn McKinney, overcome all obstacles to take their kids to Space Camp, usually a destination for only the best and brightest students in math and science.

Throughout the book we witness the tenacity and sacrifices the class overcomes to achieve their dream. In 1989, as this class of misfits train for Space Camp, they demonstrate the true meaning of teamwork. Today, Kersjes is the president of Space is Special, a non-profit organization that helps special ed students learn math and science.

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