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Harmony Park Safari - Wild Animal Preserve - Part I - Huntsville, AL
Harmony Park Safari is a federally licensed nature preserve of free-ranging exotic & endangered animals. Remain in your car on a two-mile route to see zebras, ...
What's the Difference Between a Zoo and a ... - Animal Rights
Animal rights advocates oppose keeping animals in zoos, but support sanctuaries. ... On the other hand, sanctuaries rescue animals who cannot live in the wild ...
Top Ten Safari Destinations in Africa - Africa Travel - About.com
There are 60 different animal species and over 400 different bird species living in ... Hwange also has one of the largest populations of wild dogs left in Africa.
Top Ten Parks and Reserves in Kenya - Africa Travel - About.com
The Tsavo parks are vast and the landscape is wild. Tsavo East is less developed than Tsavo West but more accessible. In Tsavo West you can watch elephants ...
Guide to Conservation Jobs in Africa - Africa Travel - About.com
Other projects include hands-on animal care, wildlife veterinary work, field research or ... in Zimbabwe to work with wild dogs and Swaziland to work with rhinos.
Is Going on Safari Dangerous? - Africa Travel
Is Going on Safari Dangerous? Tips to help you avoid an unwelcome confrontation with a wild animal either in a vehicle or on foot, while on safari in Africa.
The Role of Zoos in Endangered Species Conservation
Today, 31 animal species classified as Extinct in the Wild are being bred in captivity. Reintroduction efforts are underway for six of these species, including the ...
Wild Horse Preservation Program - Is the Government's Latest Plan ...
They are a wild animal and should be managed as such, not pay a rediculous ... have unintended environmental consequences for the lands used for preserves.
Top 10 Wildlife Conservation Organizations - Animals/Wildlife
In doing so, The Nature Conservancy preserves entire wildlife communities and the rich ... Its aims are threefold—to protect natural areas and wild populations, to minimize .... This chameleon is one of millions of animal species alive today.
Can Hunting Help Save Endangered Species?
In the particular case of trophy hunters, the acquisition of a rare animal's head (or some such token) is worth a great deal of money. It's a basic principle of ...
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