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Huntsville Bicentennial Art Exhibit


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Mystery Painting...
Huntsville Bicentennial Art Exhibit

"The First Ohio Calvary" Mystery Painting

Charles Xavier Harris was born in 1856 in Foxcroft, Maine. He studied in Paris and lived in New York City, Philadelpia, Delaware and Richmond, Virginia.

This painting entitled "The First Ohio Calvary" comes with a plea from the Museum: "The Ohio Calvary was in Huntsville on several different occasions. During the Civil War, troops from this calvary were sent on scouting missions and ultimately helped guard the prized Memphis & Charleston Railroad.

During the Spanish American War, the calvary was encamped near Brahan Springs on their return trip to Cincinnati in 1898. Which time frame does this painting depict?

If it's a Civil War scene, it must be a romantic portrayal created years later, since Harris was a child during the war. At the time of the Spanish American War, Harris was 42 years old, and this painting could depict troops he witnessed encamped at Brahan Springs. The uniforms might provide a clue. What do you think?" There's a clue box for you to put your thoughts about the painting and deposit them.

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