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Huntsville Botanical Garden Photos


Huntsville Botanical Garden is located at 4747 Bob Wallace Avenue in Huntsville. Their hours are 9-5 Monday-Saturday and 12-5 pm on Sunday. For more information, call 830-4447. Here's a sampling of photos highlighting different seasons and themes at Huntsville Botanical Garden.

1. Tremendous Treehouses

Treehouses come in all shapes and sizes. If you have a set image in your mind about what a treehouse is, then you'll have to disregard the standard picture of a house in a tree and come to the Huntsville Botanical Garden to see a variety of treehouses that are on display through September 2010.

2. Nature Center & Children's Garden

Nature Center & Children's Garden
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In June 2006, the Huntsville Botanical Garden opened its Nature Center and 2-acre Children's Garden. Included in the facility is the nation's largest seasonal butterfly house and a Classroom Under the Sky amphitheatre with seating for up to 300.

3. Scarecrow Trail

Scarecrow Trail
© 2004 Jean Brandau licensed to About.com, Inc.
See a variety of Scarecrows plus new for 2004 is the addition of The Enchanted Forest where you’ll definitely get the feeling you’re being watched as the giant trees on the Nature Trail grow almost human faces.

4. Springtime in The Garden

Springtime in The Garden
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The 2007 Spring Festival of Flowers at the Huntsville Botanical Garden is an array of colorful and beautiful spring flowers and trees, including thousands of tulips and the 100 year old dogwood tree. New for 2007 is "Art in the Garden" featuring sculptures from various Alabama artists and the new Trillium Garden, located in the Wildflower section of the Garden.

5. "Big Bugs"

Big Bugs
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The spring and summer of 2009 will go down as the time when Big Bugs infested the Huntsville Botanical Garden, much to the delight of youngsters of all ages. David Rogers' Big Bugs sculptures are created from all natural materials: whole trees, cut green saplings, dry branches and other native forest materials.

6. WaterWorks

Waterworks at Botanical Garden
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The 2005 WaterWorks attractions at the Huntsville Botanical Garden features six different stations to get the kids all wet. My grandchildren were in Huntsville recently visiting from Kansas. They had a blast at the Garden.

7. Tessman Butterfly House

Tessman Butterfly House
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A look back at the old Tessman Butterfly House before it was torn down when the new Nature Center was built at The Garden.

8. Easter Bunny Bonanza

Easter Bunny Bonanza
© 2008 Michael Misianowycz – Harvest Action Photo
The Huntsville Botanical Garden goes all out for Easter with the Easter Bunny stopping by and hiding 7000 eggs in the lawn for hundreds of kids to scramble to find. Here's a look at the 2008 Easter Egg Hunt at The Garden.

9. Dinosaur Uproar

Dinosaur Uproar
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The Huntsville Botanical Garden, Huntsville is going way back...all the way back to prehistoric times when they bring the Dinosaur UpRoar to the Garden from March 15th through July 15th 2008. This unique exhibit features over 20 life-sized dinosaur models in a display throughout the Garden. The exhibition consists of more than 30 pieces including real fossilized plants and bones, a 20 foot Astrodon, a 4 foot long Arthropleura (a giant centipede), a 30 foot long Parasaurolophus, and much more. Here's a sneak peek of some of the fascinating and child-made displays throughout the Garden.

10. Galaxy of Lights

Galaxy of Lights
© 2006 Jean Brandau licensed to About.com, Inc.
The Huntsville Botanical Garden’s Galaxy Of Lights is bringing a glow to the season Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve. Galaxy is a magical mile and a half long holiday light extravaganza.

11. Butterfly Sculptures

Butterflie Sculptures
© 2004 Jean Brandau licensed to About.com, Inc.
The Garden has become home to giant butterflies, created by local artists and sponsored by local patrons of the Gardens. As you stroll the grounds, these sculptured butterflies are seen posed among the flowers and shrubs. This is the second year for these 4 1/2 foot and 8 foot butterflies.
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