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Old MacDonald's Petting Zoo

Six Acres Filled With Animals


Note: On July 4, 2010, Old MacDonald's Petting Zoo was forced to close its doors due to a family illness. If you like pictures of animals, you can see them here Old MacDonald's Petting Zoo Photos.

In 1994, Jim and Sherry Lewis bought some park-like land off Highway 72 near mile marker 122 and opened Old MacDonald's Petting Zoo. The Petting Zoo is located in Woodville about 25 miles east of Huntsville.

The Zoo includes:

  • a beautiful pond
  • a spacious playground with lots of swings, slides, sandboxes and children's tables
  • picnic area (with a place to wash your hands and a changing table for baby!)
  • gift shop

A hayride is an optional feature of this friendly zoo. Your children will love to buy the feed cups and feed the friendly animals. I took my grandchildren, who were visiting from Kansas, (in some of the photos!), and they had a great time. My timid 5-year old granddaughter even learned to relax around the friendly animals and was letting them eat out of her hands by the time we left. My daughter said she wished we could stay longer so her daughter could really get comfortable around animals. A variety of animals live on the six acres of beautifully wooded land. Some of the creatures you can find at Old MacDonald's Petting Zoo are:

  • porcupines
  • cows
  • miniature horse
  • pigs
  • Siberian Lynx
  • rabbits
  • skunks
  • Llama
  • miniature donkey
  • Patagonian cavy (half rabbit/half dog looking animal)
  • deer
  • sheep
  • goats
  • raccoons
  • squirrels
  • exotic chickens
  • emus
  • ducks
  • swans
  • geese
  • peafowl
  • pheasants
  • pigeons
  • doves
  • guineas
  • turkeys

The petting zoo is permanently closed since July 4, 2010.

Old MacDonald's Petting Zoo Photos
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