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North Alabama Railroad Museum Hosts Train Rides


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North Alabama Railroad Museum Hosts Train Rides
I wish we could get back that time in history when people traveled by rail. I think that's exactly what we need in this time of multi-tasking, rushing around and stressing ourselves out. A quiet afternoon onboard a train is a peaceful and beautiful way to spend the day.

One of most interesting attractions in Huntsville is the trains and displays at The North Alabama Railroad Museum (NARM), located in the historic Chase community. In addition to museum tours, train rides are available on the Mercury & Chase Railroad between April and December.

NARM was incorporated in 1966 and is a chapter of the National Railway Historical Society. It's mission is to "preserve railroad history in North Albama and South Central Tennessee." It is run entirely by its 100-plus volunteers. The museum is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I got a special tour from senior member, Hugh Dudley.
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