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Books & Authors from Huntsville

North Alabama has more published writers per capita than any other place in the United States. Here you'll find information on just a few of the authors and books coming out of Huntsville and the surrounding area.

Book Review: Scenic Tennessee
In "Scenic Tennessee," Robert Schuffert has written a love letter to the state of Tennessee and painted a picture with his talented camera of his love of nature and its hidden treasures. He showcases the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, the Cumberland Plateau, cotton fields around the Mississippi River, the Appalachian Mountains and Natchez Trace Parkway.

Easy Gardens For The South
This is the perfect garden book for anyone looking for that beautiful Southern garden that looks magnificent but doesn't require a lot of work. If you don't have a lot of experience, this is for "any Southerner who has ever killed a plant." That would probably mean all of us! This book is loaded with basic information and lots of hints and tips to make your next gardening experience a great success.

Eden of the South - Huntsville History from 1805-2005
Eden of the South - Huntsville History from 1805-2005

Off the Beaten Path: Alabama
Every resident and visitor to Alabama should own a copy of this book, a pocket-sized treasure of the rich culture and charm of our home state. Author Gay N. Martin provides unique tips and unusual places to explore and makes a day trip or a week's vacation amusing, fulfilling and rewarding.

Huntsville Sketchbook
One of the best books I've found on Huntsville is the Huntsville Botanical Garden's "Huntsville Sketchbook." This book contains a wonderful history of Huntsville, plus city scenes painted by local artists.

Book Review: "52 Weekends in the Tennessee Valley"
Anyone living in the Tennessee Valley who has a sense of adventure and an appreciation for exploring will love "52 Weekends in the Tennessee Valley" by Charles & Daniel Frew.

Book Review: "Alabama Impressions"
Robert P. Falls, Sr. has published a beautiful picture book of "Alabama Impressions." This 80 page book contains breathingly beautiful photos of Alabama's wildlife, nature, houses and attractions.

Book: "When Spirits Walk"
"When Spirits Walk" is a long overdue book about the legendary ghost stories of North Alabama. It is well researched, as far as you can research a ghost, and well documented by Huntsville author and historian, Jacquelyn Proctor Gray.

"Dr. Space" - The Life of Wernher von Braun
In "Dr. Space" - The Life of Wernher von Braun, we see not only the vision for space that Von Braun had and was able to implement, but also the dream he had for future projects. Unfortunately, circumstances prevented him from making those dreams come true.[

Book Review: Alabama's Canyons
Charles Seifried and Jim Felder have combined their talents and love for Bankhead National Forest to give us a superb look at one of nature's masterpieces and unspoiled--in places--wonders.

Book Review: Through the Garden Gate
Book Review: Through the Garden Gate

Book Review: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Throne
Local author Georgia Richardson is Alabama's answer to Erma Bombeck with her tales of woe, desperation, disappointment and disaster, all with tongue-in-cheek and foot-in-mouth.

The Real Space Cowboys
"The Real Space Cowboys" by Ed Buckbee with Wally Schirra chronicles the early years of space exploration with interviews, photos, first-person accounts and insights into what it was like to be one of the first seven astronauts for NASA.

The Ambassador's Son - Homer Hickam
"The Ambassadors Son" is Homer Hickam's sequel to "The Keeper's Son." Set in the South Seas, it fictionalizes John F. Kennedy's time during World War II and mixes in Hickam's own cast of beloved characters from his previous novel.

Book Review: The Keeper's Son - Homer Hickam Novel
Since I spend most of my time online, I rarely have time to relax with a good book. It was a special treat for me to chisel out a block of time to dig into Homer Hickam's "The Keeper's Son," an intriguing book based on a true, but little-known, story about World War II.

Books About Huntsville Alabama - Huntsville's History
Huntsville is a unique town--full of history and full of the future. It takes a wide variety of books to contain it all. Here are some of my Top Picks for books about Huntsville. Any of these would make great gifts for your family or friends, or better yet, yourself.

Scenic North Alabama Book Review
In "Scenic North Alabama," Robert Schuffert shows a real love for Northern Alabama and has discovered many hidden and lost treasures of nature that he now shares with us through his camera's eye and his detailed discriptions and maps. Canyons, caverns, natural bridges, covered bridges and waterfalls of north Alabama are photographed and described in detail.

The Sins of Madison County
A local book exposes the horrendous acts of lynchings in Madison County between 1878-1904, when nine people were hung, including one white man and two black women.

Huntsville--Picture Perfect
Tom Carney, editor of Old Huntsville magazine, has published a CD that contains hundreds of old photographs.

Old Huntsville Photo Album
Tom Carney, of Old Huntsville magazine, has produced another outstanding CD ROM of rare photos of the Huntsville of yesteryear.

Huntsville Then and Now
This is a wonderful book full of historic and present day photos of Huntsville. Photography buffs will be intrigued with the way this book was made and the history Fred B. Simpson has preserved.

50 Years of Rockets & Spacecraft
This book is a necessity for any serious student or admirer of the space program and for those NASA employees and their families who were there while history was being made.

Murder in the Heart of Dixie
This third book by Fred Simpson is written in an easy to understand style and is hard to put down. It chronicles behind the scenes of 13 capital murders in Madison County.

Shaver's Top 10 Books of Local & Regional Interest
Shaver's Bookstore in Huntsville carries the most extensive line of books of local and regional interest.

Book Review: Alabama School Girl in Paris
Nancy Rohr has documented a book of letters from Mary Fenwick Lewis to her family and friends during her school days in Paris from 1842-1844.

Books on Huntsville
Some helpful hints on finding the books you want to buy about Huntsville and North Alabama.

Book Review: Faberge Eggs--A Retrospective Encyclopedia
The only book on Faberge Eggs you'll ever need! Huntsville resident, Christel McCanless has teamed up with Australian Will Lowes to create a book for both the new admirer of Faberge eggs and the more advanced scholar.

Book Review: A Locust Leaves Its Shell
Popular Huntsville Times columnist Bill Easterling has published his last book. It contains some of his favorite human-interest columns of inspiration stories.

Book Review: A Smile As Big As the Moon
People thought he was crazy when Mike Kersjes first suggested taking special education kids to Space Camp. Read his fascinating tale of how he managed to make the dream come true. Disney has bought the film rights to the story.

Book Review: Stream of Death
Read a summary of local author, Bill Stackhouse's mystery novel set in upstate New York. See if you can solve the murder case and find the killer.

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