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Huntsville Sketchbook

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Huntsville Sketchbook

Huntsville Sketchbook

The Bottom Line

One of the best books I've found on Huntsville is the Huntsville Botanical Garden's "Huntsville Sketchbook." This book contains a wonderful history of Huntsville, plus city scenes painted by local artists. Not only do you get a tour book of Huntsville, but you get history and art, all rolled into one amazing book. If you can only buy one book about Huntsville, this one would be my pick.


  • Great Overview of Huntsville.
  • Over 50 pieces of Artwork of Huntsville Scenes.
  • Well-written & Researched.


  • Not for the person who doesn't enjoy art.
  • May be too expensive for some.


  • The Artists:
    Sherman Barnes, Jerry Brown, Ann Caudle, Susan Clanton
  • Heike Covell, Danielle Damson, Harriet Dobbins, Judith Fields, Carole Foret
  • Lee Harless, Rachel C. Heeschen, Billy Herrin, Dee Burt Holmes, Anita Hoodless
  • Patricia Hrivnak, David Kennamer, Carol Blair Lambdin, Leslie Lockhart, Malinda McCleary
  • Carol B. Meredith, Peggy Montano, Dorothy Montgomery, M.J. (Martha) Montgomery, Linda Morton
  • Ben L. Patton, S. Renee Prasil, Timothy J. Prost, Denise Raby, Teresia Reid
  • Linda Ruhl, Robert Sallee, Denise Schiber, Terri Shows, Fred B. Simpson
  • Debbie Sketo, Ed Starnes, Linda Steed, Carla Swinney, Staten Tate
  • Helen J. Vaughn, Caroline Wang, Connie Watts, Katrina Weber, Janie Byers
  • Lara Isbell, Maggie Little, Mary Reynolds, Chuck Long, Pamela Watters

Guide Review - Huntsville Sketchbook

"Huntsville Sketchbook" is a gem of a book, packed with history, testimonies, artwork and the true flavor of Huntsville. Homer Hickman's foreword is a love letter to Huntsville. Hickman finds a way to express, in a few words, some of the things I feel about Huntsville as well but can't say as well as he.

Jacque Procter Gray (Reeves) knows how to highlight the important details of Huntsville's history without bogging the reader down with boring, useless information. Some might glance through this book and think it's a "picture book." You couldn't be more wrong. Gray's narrative is what makes this a special addition to any Huntsvillian's bookshelf. This book should be read, cover to cover. Newcomers will appreciate Gray's unique ability to vividly paint Huntsville with her words.

Of course this review wouldn't be complete without mentioning the 50 local artists would contributed their masterpieces to "Huntsville Sketchbook," which sets it apart from other books. North Alabama is known for the caliber of artists it has spawned. This book is a treasure chest of some of their best artwork. A glance through the book will show the reader, not only their favorite scenes in Huntsville, but also a variety of different painting styles and mediums. There's something for everyone in this book!

Huntsville Botanical Garden is the benefactor from proceeds of "Huntsville Sketchbook." The book may be purchased at Huntsville Botanical Garden on Bob Wallace Avenue or Shaver's Bookstore on Whitesburg Drive. For a book that packs everything about Huntsville into one volume, this is the one to get.

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