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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Throne

The Bottom Line

Local author Georgia Richardson is Alabama's answer to Erma Bombeck with her tales of woe, desperation, disappointment and disaster, all with tongue-in-cheek and foot-in-mouth. For a brief escape or a planned guilt-ridden procrastination break, pick up "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Throne" and share a few laughs with "Queen Jaw Jaw." You might find that you've made a friend for life.
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  • Quick, fun and lighthearted reading.
  • Laughing at and with Georgia Richardson...Da Queen.
  • Makes you feel like an old friend instantly!


  • Ends too quickly. I wanted more.
  • Shifts gears rather abruptly in final section...wasn't ready for her to be so serious.


  • Queenisms: "Cell phones make you stupide," "Mall-A-Holics" and CinderPillow.
  • Jaw Jaw Style: Men-O-Pause, Mammograms or The Jaws of Life, Changing the World One Patch at a Time
  • The "R" Word...Relationships: "When Mother Didn't Say a Word," "You Family Might Be Weird If..."
  • Thank The Good Lord for Girlfriends: "I've Got the Skinny on Beautiful People"
  • WORK...Yet Another 4-Letter Word: "STRESS--It's Not Such a Bad Thing," "Bills-A-Million"
  • Trixie Unplugged: "It's a Dog's Life," "Every Dog Has Its Day"
  • Inside the Queen: "The Man in the Bermuda Shorts" and "From Griping to Gratitude"

Guide Review - Book Review

Georgia Richardson is a freelance writer who lives in Athens, works in Huntsville and seems to use her imagination and creativity in-between drives between the two cities. I found myself immediately drawn to A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Throne (thanks, Georgia for the longest title for a book in print!). Not because I'm a Queen like Georgia, but because we are both the middle of five girls, born about the same time (years...not hours), both have boxer granddogs, two children and a wonderful sense of humor.

Of well, scratch the sense of humor for me, but see how Richardson describes a long car trip with her husband, who refused to stop for directions:

...Although, I'll admit that one time while my Mr. Daisy was circling Atlanta , I managed to hear two parts of an outdoor concert, and see three-fourths of a drive-in movie.

It doesn't take one long to narrow down Da Queen's likes and dislikes. They can be summed up with a few simple words: Oreos, Elvis, laundry tricks, "Gone With the Wind," and poking fun at herself. Our laughter is at her expense...but she seems to enjoy it.

Two of my favorite parts of the book, were the stories her dog tells and her ramdon thoughts during a boring 3-hour meeting at work.

The final section of the book takes one by surprise when she opens up candidly and tells to how she and her family coped with her dad's diagnosis of Lewy-Body Dementia . This just reminds us that this funny lady is a genuine person.

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