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Book Review: Scenic Tennessee

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Book Review: Scenic Tennessee

Scenic Tennessee

Photo Courtesy Robert Schuffert

The Bottom Line

I was not aware of the beauty and majesty of Tennessee until I opened Robert Schuffert's beautiful book and devoured the multitude of breathtaking photographs. Even the city dweller can learn to appreciate nature and the raw naked beauty of the wilderness after spending a few minutes studying the pictures of Schuffert. Whether you live in Tennessee or just plan to vacation there, this book is a great resource if you plan on exploring or hiking or just want to look at beautiful photographs of nature.


  • Beautiful Photographs
  • Jam-Packed with Facts & Details
  • Comprehensive Maps & Illustrations


  • None!


  • Hidden Natural Treasures include canyons, caverns, natural bridges, covered bridges & waterfalls.
  • Lists suggested scenic routes and day trips from different parts of Tennessee.
  • Contains a quick reference guide with basic facts.
  • Detailed information on state, national and private parks.
  • Contains trail ratings and safety tips.
  • Contains color photographs, descriptions of facilities and nearby points of interest.
  • Shares natural wonders the average person may have passed by many times but missed.
  • Explores Tennessee with an artist's eye, a hiker's skill, and a nature lover's passion
  • Shares the beauty and wonder of Tennessee to the reader.
  • A companion guide for your exploring adventures.

Guide Review - Book Review: Scenic Tennessee

In "Scenic Tennessee," Robert Schuffert has written a love letter to the state of Tennessee and painted a picture of over 500 scenic features with his talented camera view and his love of nature and its hidden treasures. He showcases the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, the Cumberland Plateau, cotton fields around the Mississippi River, the Appalachian Mountains and Natchez Trace Parkway. The book highlights canyons, caverns, natural bridges, covered bridges and waterfalls. "Scenic Tennessee" is an eye-opener to the abundant beauty of the Volunteer State.

This 216 page book is jam packed with information, stats and maps that will guide you in exploring the state of Tennessee. Made of high-quality slick paper, the book is a convenient size for carrying and is an easy to open spiral bound. Maps are color-coded for easy identification, with national forests, parks and scenic routes highlighted. I've never seen so much information gathered in one place. Trails are rated as either easy (a paved or well maintained pathway or boardwalk with very few major inclines or obstacles), easy to moderate, moderate or strenuous(a frequently traveled path with some major obstacles such as stream crossings or steep inclines).

Robert Schuffer is an award winning landscape photographer. His photographs have been selected for numerous magazine covers and articles. Schuffert has won numerous photographic competitions. He currently resides in Huntsville, Alabama.

In Huntsville, you can purchase "Scenic Tennessee" at Southerland’s Photo, Wild Birds Unlimited, Mountain High Outfitters, Lawren’s Giftsand Coffee Tree Books and Brew. In Tuscumbia: Cold Water Books and Shoals Outdoor Sports. In Wren (Moulton): Warrior Mountain Trading Co. and Oakville Indian Mounds Park. In Tennessee: Shiloh National Military Park in Shiloh, Stones River National Battlefield in Murfreesboro, Hitchcock’s Shell in Spencer and Mountain Outfitter’s in Monte Eagle.

"Scenic Tennessee" is a treasure for any nature lover's library.

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