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Huntsville Cat Show

Purebreds Lead a Pampered Life


Huntsville Cat Show
The 2005 Huntsville Cat Show, licensed by The Cat Fanciers' Association, featured over 240 entries of pampered purebred cats for this highly anticipated "beauty pageant" for felines. Cat Fanciers' Association is the world's largest registry of pedigreed cats. The show was sponsored by The Huntsville Cat Club and proceeds from the show are donated to The Ark, a nonprofit, "no kill" animal shelter founded by Nina Beal in 1996. Ever since I got my own cat, Samantha, from Friends of Ferals, I've become one of those cat-fanatics people talk about, so I decided to check out the Huntsville Cat Show. Unlike the Friends of Ferals cats, which are all spayed or neutered, these cats lead the exact opposite kind of life--they are used for breeding and producing clean bloodlines that won't make their breed extinct.

One lady told me that if she could choose how to come back in the next life, she'd want to be a show cat. "They don't have to do anything but get pampered, eat and sleep."

Another lady told me that she was a breeder. She just happened to have a purebred cat and wanted to show her off. "People with dogs get to walk them and let everyone see them. With cats, we have to stay in the house all the time and no one gets to see them. I enjoy just showing off my cat. It's a lot of fun."

I learned a lot during my day at the Cat Show. For one thing, when they are judging the cats, they judge the males and females seperately and you can tell which is which by the color of the card that their cage has on it: blue for the males and pink for the females (okay, so I am slow to catch on!). Then the cats in one category are judged together for overall best in show for that bred. I think the best cat gets a black ribbon and the second best an orange ribbon--but don't quote me on that. This is purely a "beauty pageant"--no talent required. The cats are, however, judged on the different characteristics for their breed and their temperament and alertness.

The Huntsville Cat Show also has a special household cat category where anyone can enter their cat. These cats must be spayed or neutered. Since I consider my cat the prettiest cat, I was all set to enter her next time until I found out that the cat can't be declawed. So there goes my career as a beauty queen's backstage mom! I might enter one of my mother's cats, though, next year!

My 2005 Huntsville Cat Show Pictures
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