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Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Alabama Musicians Take Center Stage


The Alabama Music Hall of Fame, located in Tuscumbia, opened July 26, 1990. The 12,500 square foot exhibit hall is filled with information, memorabilia and recordings from musicians from Alabama. The musicians are not limited to any single style of music--you'll find classical, gospel, country and rock 'n roll. A permanent bronze star for outstanding Alabamians in the music profession is prominent through the museum. For more information, you can contact The Alabama Music Hall of Fame at (800) 239-AMHF.

Here's a look at some of my photos from a visit to the Alabama Music Hall of Fame.

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Alabama Music Hall of Fame in Tuscumbia AlabamaEntrance to MuseumFancy Sign on the WallWall of Fame Room Features Music Legends
Gold Star for "The Temptations" Found on Floor in EntrywayPercy Sledge's Gold StarWalk of Fame Star for the group "Alabama."A Star for Jim Nabors
Tammy WynetteHank Williams, Jr.Nat King Cole ExhibitSun Record Company
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