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Trail of Tears Commemorate Motorcycle Ride


From Chattanooga to Waterloo
Trail of Tears Commemorate Motorcycle Ride

Trail of Tears

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One of the largest annual events to take place in the Shoals area is the Trail of Tears Commemorative Motorcycle Ride. It estimated that between 90,000 and 150,000 riders take part each year. The ride begins in Chattanooga, TN and ends in Waterloo, AL. The ride is always on the 3rd Saturday of September, which falls on September 17th this year.

The ride is intended to commemorate the forcible removal of over 17,000 Cherokees by General Winfield Scott and to bring public awareness to the rich Native American history surrounding this area. A special part of this years ride will be the filming of scenes for the upcoming "Easy Rider" movie sequel. The movie producers have planned a special concert in McFarland Park. This concert will start at 5:30pm on the 17th, and feature The Long Players, Jimmy Hall and the Prisoners of Love, Shelly Fairchild, and The Gary Nichols Band. For more information check the web site here: Trail of Tears Entertainment or call (800) 277-1700 for tickets.

A second entertainment choice for riders will be a concert at the Alabama Music Hall of Fame featuring Confederate Railroad and David Allan Coe. The concert will take place on the grounds and there will be plenty of secured parking for motorcycles on the pavement. The gates open at 3:00 p.m. and the show begins at 7:00 p.m. For ticket info call (256) 381-4417 locally or (800) 239-2643 for outside of area.

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