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Alabama Festivals


There are a variety of annual festivals and special events held in north Alabama each year.  Here's a list of where they are and when they are.

1. Alabama Chicken & Egg Festival

Where? Lions' Club Fairgrounds in Moulton AL in Lawrence County.

When? 2nd weekend in April.

For more info, call (256) 974-2464.

2. Alabama Gourd Festival

Where?  Cullman, Alabama

When?  mid-October

For more info, call (256) 747-1447 or 800-313-5114

3. Alabama Julibee Hot Air Balloon Classic

Where? Point Mallard Park in Decatur, Alabama When? Memorial Day Weekend (last of May) For more info, call (256) 350-2028 or 800-524-6181

4. Alabama Renaissance Faire

Where? Florence, Alabama

When? Throughout month of October

For more info, call (256) 768-3031 or 800-356-8687.

5. Antique & Apple Festival

Where? Moulton in Lawrence County, Alabama.

When? Last weekend in September.

For more info, call 256.974.1658.

6. Antique & Strawberry Festival

Where? Moulton AL

When? 1st weekend in May.

For more info, call 256.974.1658.

7. Art on the Lake

Where? Gunterville, Alabama

When? mid April

For more info, call (256) 582-4378

8. Bloomin' Festival

Where?  Cullman

When? 2nd weekend in April

For more info, call (256)739-6682 Ext. 7133 or (800)722-0999. Bloomin' Festival Photos

9. Christmas In the Park

Where? Arab, Alabama

When?  5 p.m. to 8p.m., every Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, Day after Thanksgiving until mid-December.

For more info, call (256) 586-3138 or (888) 403-2722.

10. Crape Myrtle Festival

Where? John Barnes Park in Ardmore, Alabama.


For more info, call 256-0423-2553.

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