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Nightmare at the Lumberyard

Huntsville's Annual Halloween Party


Nightmare at the Lumberyard

2006 Halloween Party

Photo Courtesy of HYP
Halloween is a fun holiday and one of the biggest parties in town is given by HYP. Huntsville Young Professionals is once again hosting Huntsville's Annual Halloween Party. This year, it's in The Lumberyard.

What is the Nightmare at the Lumberyard ?

Huntsville's annual and biggest Halloween Party.

When is the Nightmare at the Lumberyard ?

Saturday, October 27, 8 pm- 12:30 am.

Where is the Nightmare at the Lumberyard ?

The Lumberyard, at 611 Meridian Street. Here's a map and directions to Nightmare at the Lumberyard. The Lumberyard is located off of Meridian Street, behind the Furniture Factory, but you must enter from Cleveland Avenue. Take N. Parkway to Hwy 72/University Exit. Turn right onto Pratt Avenue. Turn right onto Meridian Street. Turn right onto Cleveland Avenue.

How do I get tickets for Nightmare at the Lumberyard and how much are they?

Admission is $5; pay at the door.

Are discounts to Nightmare at the Lumberyard available?


What else should I know about Nightmare at the Lumberyard ?

Hosted by Huntsville Young Professionals, Huntsville Alive!, and the Valley Planet; this is the city's 4th annual Halloween party. Live entertainment provided by Toy Shop. Costume contests with fabulous prizes such as $250 cash, an IPod, and airline tickets. Contest categories include scariest, sexiest, funniest, tackiest, and most original. Individuals, couples, and groups welcome; entrees must check-in by 10 pm. Food and drink will be on sale onsite. Must be 21 to attend.

What is new this year for Nightmare at the Lumberyard ?

The location is the creepiest yet. This is the city's annual Halloween party, and we've moved from the Clinton Street garage to the Roundhouse to the Lumberyard. The Lumberyard has both inside and outside accomodations and will provide the spookiest venue to date.

What if I have more questions about the Nightmare at the Lumberyard ?

For more information, visit Nightmare at the Lumberyard online .

All dates, times, prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.

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