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Panoply Arts Festival

Arts & Entertainment Come Together in Big Spring Park


Panoply Arts Festival is a community event held annually the last full weekend of April in Big Spring Park. The word panoply means "wonderful array" and it is an array of activities, arts and entertainment that has grown since it was started in 1982 by The Junior League.

It now is organized by The Arts Council. In addition to Panoply, The Arts Council's other programs include Arts in Education, Arts Services, Community Information Services, and Concerts in the Park. The Arts Council serves over 65 organizations involved in presenting and supporting the arts.

The Panoply Arts Festival celebrates the arts with a wide array of performances, exhibits, demonstrations, and hands-on activities. Panoply showcases the best in local and touring performances. Each year, three stages, located throughout the park, offer a variety of performances from jazz bands, bluegrass, gospel and more. The Kids' Stage presents the best in children's entertainment. You're likely to see puppet performances, educational groups that teach different musical styles, as well as our local theatre groups delighting all audience members.

The Art Marketplace is a huge attraction at Panoply. Artists from all over the country enter a juried art show. Artists range from painters and primitive artists to jewelers and photographers.

Panoply emphasizes children and creativity. The Kids' Art Yard is a place for children to get hands-on experience in a variety of artistic media.

If you would like more information on Panoply or to volunteer for any of The Arts Council projects, you can call (256) 519-2787.

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