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2004 Host of Christmas Past - Fayetteville


Charles Dickens Great-Great-Grandson Performs "A Christmas Carol"
Great-Great Grandson of Charles Dickens

Gerald Charles Dickens - Great-Great-Grandson of Charles Dickens

Fayetteville, Tennessee--just 45 miles north of Huntsville--knows how to host an old-fashioned Christmas party. Part of the 2004 festival included a free performance by Gerald Charles Dickens, great-great-grandson of the author of "A Christmas Carol."

What a thrill to watch the 75-minute one-man show of a descendant of the beloved author Charles Dickens. And what would Christmas be without the telling of "A Christmas Carol"?

Gerald Dickens performs the dramatization with just a chair, a hatstand, a candle, his top hat, and a walking stick for props. The rest of the show is brought to life with his voice, facial expression, mannerisms, and energy. Since the story is so well-known, Dickens says he doesn't have to worry too much about the plot.

Everyone loves the story and a closeness and camaraderie in the audience developed as we watch a talented storyteller enact his great-great-grandfather's story with love and passion. What a great Christmas present to us, Fayetteville! Thank you...

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