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Easter In Huntsville

Enjoy the Holiday With Family


Easter is a special time for most people in the Huntsville area.  Here's a list of places to go to eat, have Easter Egg Hunts, and worship in church.  Enjoy the whole experience with our Holy Week activities.

1. Easter Sunday Brunch

After the Easter Egg hunt and early church service on Easter Sunday, there's still time to gather around the dinner table with your family. Some people like to take the hassle out of the holiday and let some of the fine restaurants and hotels around town do the cooking for them. From my experience, some of the best and biggest feasts appear on the menu when eating out on Easter. 

2. Easter Egg Hunts

There's a lot of places to go to hunt for Easter eggs in the Huntsville area.  Some of the museum Easter Egg Hunts are for members only (but what better time to join than now?) but most of the church Easter Egg Hunts are free.

3. Celebrating Holy Week In Huntsville

With over 100 churches in the Huntsville area, there is a wide variety of opportunities to experience some unique and moving services during Holy Week. Here are some religious ceremonies and services that help people meditate and appreciate the true meaning of Easter.

4. Worshipping In Huntsville

A complete listing of Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Church of Christ, Catholic, Lutheran and other churches and worship centers in Huntsville, Alabama.

5. Bunny Bonanza Photos

The Huntsville Botanical Garden goes all out for Easter with the Easter Bunny stopping by and hiding 7000 eggs in the lawn for hundreds of kids to scramble to find. Here's a look at the 2008 Easter Egg Hunt at The Garden.
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