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Taylor Hicks Band in LiMBO...
Little Memphis Blues Orchestra

Former Taylor Hicks Band Members

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Taylor Hicks has made quite a name for himself on "American Idol" in 2006. The gray-haired blues singer from Alabama has already been impersonated on Saturday Night Live and the competition isn't even over yet! But what about the guys he left behind in Alabama while he flew out to Hollywood to become famous? Recently I had the opportunity to meet the former "Taylor Hicks Band" when they performed in Huntsville and ask a few questions about what was going on with them while Taylor was absent.

Taylor Hicks audition and acceptance on "American Idol" happened so quickly that it caught the Taylor Hicks Band members by surprise. Taylor Hicks had spent years gathering together these five musicians who now form his band and a special brotherhood with him. Not wanting to mislead anyone into thinking Taylor Hicks would be performing with them, the band has temporarily renamed themselves the Little Memphis Blues Orchestra and describe themselves as playing" blues & New Orleans-style funky stuff." Yes, while Taylor's away, the boys will play. The acronym of the band's name spells LiMBO and that's just what they are--in limbo until Taylor finishes his obligations with "American Idol."

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