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Heard Around Town January 2009 - Huntsville Gossip

Tom & Cathey Carney Share Local Huntsville News


Heard Around Town January 2009 - Huntsville Gossip

Cathey Carney, Old Huntsville Magazine

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"Heard Around Town" is written by Editors Tom & Cathey Carney and reprinted from Old Huntsville Magazine. Here is the January 2009 column with all the gossip around town:

John Henegar 's annual Christmas party at Lee Ann's Bar & Restaurant was packed with people there to watch Tony Mason perform along with a special guest, Jeff Cook of the legendary band "Alabama." Some of the folks we saw there were Louie & Jane Tippett, Glenn Watson, Jim Vaughn, and Doris Tucker . Marie Hewett was there, Becky & Danny Loggins, Mr. & Mrs. Scott McClain and Robert Patterson. Lynwood Smith and his wife Missy were rocking out to the great music, along with hundreds of others - it was the best party ever!

City Councilman Bill Kling and his pretty wife Tanji were there as well, and it's always great to catch up with them.

Speaking of Tanji, she is so proud of her beautiful Mom Elizabeth Lyon who will be 81 in February. Elizabeth is a life-long resident of Madison County and raised 4 kids! She's the best.

I met the sweetest young lady recently at lunch at Weatherly Heights Elementary School. Her name is Isabel Okinedo , and she is a third-grader in Mrs. Beard 's class. I was there having lunch with my granddaughter Hannah Troup , who is also a third-grader in Mrs. Bougher's class. Anyway, Isabel knows exactly what she wants to do when she gets older, she wants to be a dermatologist. When asked why, she said she wanted to help people with their skin problems, but most of all she wants to follow in the footsteps of her Dad, who is also a doctor. He is Dr. Clement Okinedo , owner of Zoe Medical Care. His wife, Lisa , and Isabel's mom, works as manager at the office there. Isabel has a sister, Michelle , and brother, Denzel . She was just a delightful young person to speak with, and says that since she has a March 16 birthday, she is so looking forward to spring!

The Veterans Memorial Museum is something everyone should go to visit. It's located off Airport Road west of Parkway, and is packed with military vehicles and other displays. Chuck Owens (a WWII and Korean vet) recently visited with his great grandson Evan Troup and they were fascinated by the displays.

The day of the Channel 31 Christmas Parade downtown was cold and dreary, but that didn't keep hundreds of parade-watchers home. The bands were great (Love the A&M band , I could listen to them all day), and one of the highlights was Bill Miller in his 1929 yellow Ford auto!

Cecil and Margaret Ashburn 's grandson Jeremy Farber , son of Jennifer Gillespie, is getting married in the spring and currently lives in Washington DC. Jeremy's fiancé is Michelle Powers , a nutritionist from there.

Pat Keefer and her son Levi will also be going for the wedding which will be held in a historical plantation in the area called Raspberry Plains in Virginia.

Audra Wilson owns Salon Bella on Church St. & has the worst possible day for a birthday. It was on December 27, but we hope it was a fun day for you!

The Winter Wine Event is held annually to benefit the Huntsville Museum of Art. This year on Jan. 29 there will be a wine tasting as well as a Silent Auction with delicious food offered. (starts at 6:30 pm) On Jan. 30 there will be a Wine Dinner and Live Auction starting in the evening. This event is being presented by the Women's Guild of the Huntsville Museum of Art. For more info call 535-4350 ext. 217.

Happy Birthday to Heather Bzdell . She is the sweet daughter of proud Dad John Bzdell , who owns Marathon Painting.

We keep hearing about people leaving their valuables & purses in their cars, in full sight of anyone looking in. It is too much of a temptation for some people if they see that in view. The smartest thing to do, if you HAVE to leave your purse in your car, is to put it in the trunk or hide it somehow. Also, when you are leaving any store or mall, don't be afraid to ask a mall representative to escort you to your car if you feel uneasy. If someone seems to be following you to your car, just turn around and go back into the store. Be aware of everything going on around you, including people. Finally, when you do get in your car, immediately lock your doors. Oftentimes crooks will wait for a victim to get in the car, knowing it's going to be a few minutes before you leave.

As much of this theft involves injury, to say nothing of the mental trauma you'll go through, it's just smart to protect yourself. Don't be an easy target for anyone.

You sure don't hear "Happy 92nd Birthday" too often, but I'm especially happy to wish my Dad, Chuck Owens , a happy birthday January 15. He and mom, Annelie Owens , have lived at Redstone Village for the past 5 years and really like it there. Happy Birthday, Dad, I'm so very proud of you.

We keep hearing stories about the Historic Lowry House and the spirits that may still be there! The home alarm goes off for no reason at all, glasses come flying off the mantle at the fireplace, faces are seen looking out of the windows. Who knows - there may be a movie in the future about the events going on here!

February 6 is the date for the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular , which last year was very memorable. It will be held at the Von Braun Civic Center and is well worth the price of a ticket.

Al & Rebecca Temple (owner of Rebecca's in 5 Points) recently spent time in San Antonio visiting their son Jason and his family. They are very proud of their son, who is in the Navy.

Joyce Russell , of New York Life, certainly has allot of gifts to buy in December! Her daughter Megan Mack had a birthday Dec. 16, while grandson Trenton Dyer-Keefer has a December 19 birthday. Grandson Nathan Dyer-Keefer turned a year older on Dec. 4. Mom and dad to the boys are Wendy and Wyatt Keefer . Much colder weather is soon coming up, so be sure and keep an eye on your older friends and neighbors.

~Cathey Carney

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