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Heard Around Town January 2010 - Huntsville Gossip

Tom & Cathey Carney Share Local Huntsville News


Cathey Carney, Old Huntsville Magazine

Cathey Carney, Old Huntsville Magazine

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"Heard Around Town" is written by Editors Tom & Cathey Carney and reprinted from Old Huntsville Magazine. Here is the January 2010 column with all the gossip around town:

Recently I took my grandkids to Big Spring Park with a bunch of bread to feed the ducks and was really surprised - no one was hungry. Not even the fish. The city had recently relocated many of the geese, ducks, etc., resulting in much less poop - which is good. So my advice - unless you go visit Big Spring at the crack of dawn, don’t bring too much food, because there are a lot less creatures that need it now.

Congratulations to Buck Watson and the team who worked so hard on the 100th anniversary celebration at our YMCA building downtown. There is so much history connected with that building, and Buck wanted to make sure that it continued to be part of Huntsville’s great history.

Suzie Nolen’s sister Shannon Gifford meant so much to many people. She lived in Cartersville, GA. with her husband Mike, and in addition to being a church missionary and music teacher, she taught people how to sew and had a very popular website to instruct new seamstresses. Shannon died during April of a very rare uterine cancer, and we want to send our deepest sympathy to Suzie, her husband John, Shannon’s dear husband Mike, and their many friends & family.

Recently, the stained glass window depicting a large green dragon at the Kaffeeklatsch bar downtown was destroyed by the January tornado that went through downtown & Five Points. That window had been created 30 years ago by artist Steve Ware. When Kaffeeklatsch owners Grant & Kathy Heath discovered the damage, they called glass artist Ron Hogan to see what he could do. Ron and his team made up of Katherine Purves and Terry Alexander worked tirelessly to match the broken pieces, texture and thickness as well as color, and recreated the entire dragon. It is now back in place, and looks great.

If you have any interest in classic autos you won’t want to miss the event at the Historic Huntsville Depot on Church Street on May 22, a Saturday. It’s also a flea market & motorcycle show. There will be old cars of every kind starting at 8 am, continuing on til mid-afternoon. There will be lots of stuff for kids to do, including getting on some of the trains, and there will be concessions and soft drinks. Also bands will be playing. But be sure and bring your lawn chairs, because seating there will be limited and hundreds are expected. For more information, call Dan Moore at 851-6257.

Liz Waggett had just turned 63 years old when she died after a courageous year’s struggle with pancreatic cancer. Liz worked for Beason & Nalley for 18 years and was much loved by her coworkers, sorority sisters at Beta Sigma Phi and friends & family. We send our deepest sympathy to Joe, Liz’s husband, as well as her sons Stephen (wife Tammy), David Waggett and Christopher (wife Stephanie). Liz was the best and we’ll never forget her.

We enjoyed meeting Nikki Kromis recently when we went to Thirsty Turtle to meet some folks. She was a really sweet girl and has been working there for almost 9 years.

The Huntsville Times recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, and the old articles and pictures that the Times ran for several months were very interesting - congratulations to a great. long-lasting paper.

A special hello to our friend Rosa Whitt, who is now 82, and grew up on Whitesburg - she remembers lots of changes that Huntsville has gone through.

Merrimack Hall hosted Will Stutts last month, as Mark Twain. The house was sold out, and Will was so believable the audience was convinced he was Mark Twain. It was funny, moving and memorable. Well done, Will.

The sweet lady behind the counter at BB&T bank on Church street just celebrated her 2nd wedding anniversary. Kristyn Towers says it still feels like they’re on their honeymoon - her lucky husband is Heath Towers and their day to celebrate was Apr. 15.

We wanted to wish Lois Miller a very happy birthday that she celebrated in April - she and sweet husband & writer Malcolm are some of the best people you’ll ever meet.

Glenda and Sam Huffstetler just welcomed their new great-great granddaughter, Madison Reese Scott, born Apr. 13. Very happy parents are Morgan and Chris Scott. Congratulations to you all.

We were so sorry to hear that Ruth Craft had passed away at the age of 87. Ruth was a native of Madison County, and just loved reading stories of the history of our area. We send our condolences to her family and many friends and will really miss her sweet smile.

I am so proud of our City Workers who pick up the trash, construction debris, grass & tree trimmings, etc. They are some of the hardest working folks I’ve ever seen. We are lucky to have them working for our city and keeping it so clean.

A very happy Mother’s Day to all you special Moms out there - we love you.

~Cathey Carney

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