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Just 107 miles from Huntsville, the Tennessee Fitness Spa in Waynesboro is a special treat for city-weary spa seekers. Billed as a "budget spa," the Tennessee Fitness Spa is rich in nature, physical activities, healthy eating and friendly staff. My friend Nancy, and I went to Waynesboro for a few days to check the spa out.

The Tennessee Fitness Spa is known for the historic Natural Bridge on its property. It is the only known natural double span bridge formation in the world and tourists flock to Waynesboro to see it. The Natural Bridge is only open to the public on Sundays (March through November. Spa guests are given an optional tour and lecture. It was used by Indian tribes and later by outlaws to hide from the law.

The Tennessee Fitness Spa is open from the first week in March until the first week in December. There are a variety of special weeks and discounts, so be sure to ask when booking your spa week. One example: if you reserve this year for a stay next year, you get this year's price. It never hurts to check for last minute cancellations; they may be able to fit you in at a moment's notice. The dress is casual and the atmosphere is relaxed and enjoyable.

Most people go to the Tennessee Fitness Spa to start or kickstart their personal exercise and weightloss program. However, that was not the only reason that people came to the Tennessee Fitness Spa. One lady from Mobile told me that she came for a few days because she wanted to find a place where she could hike, relax, and "sleep with the windows open and not hear traffic." Just talking to a few guests showed that people come to the Tennessee Fitness Spa from all over the United States: Chicago, New York, Missouri, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, Florida and more. It was interesting to find that over half the spa guests are return visitors. Once they discover the spa, they enjoy it so much that they want to return. A lot of time, they come back with friends, daughters or sisters. One gentleman from Nashville says that he comes two or three times a year for a couple weeks at a time to just enjoy getting away from the city.

All guests are given a fitness evaluation and put on a 1200-1400 calorie lowfat, low sugar, low sodium diet modeled after the American Heart Association and the American Dietetic Association suggestions. A vegan diet is also offered. A salad bar is available during lunch and dinner so guests can stay on the restricted calorie count or add more calories with their salad and toppings. Healthy snacks are always available in a special refrigerator in the lobby of the dining hall. No one goes hungry and the food is delicious.

There are three weeks of menus created by the spa kitchen staff that are rotated. On Wednesday afternoon, Belinda, the spa's head cook, gives an informative lecture on diet and nutrition plus a food demonstration. It was one of the highlights of our stay and should not be missed. The fact that Belinda serves samples from the menus is an added bonus! Belinda showed before and after photos of one lady who stayed at the spa for six months, followed the program faithfully and lost 75 pounds.

Each morning after breakfast, the spa guests are divided into three groups, depending on their fitness level, for a walk on one of nine different trails. As the week progresses, the walks get longer and steeper. I opted for the water walk in the pool instead!

The day is filled with a variety of different exercise classes. No one is required to attend any or all the classes. Throughout the year, guest instructors come from around the country to the Tennessee Fitness Spa to teach special yoga, tai chi, Middle Eastern dancing, qi gong classes and others interesting things. When making a reservation, be sure to ask about special events.

Regular classes include a variety of aquatic classes (aquacise, water walking, aqua stretch, deep water noodle workout, aqua abs), Pilates, toning, stretching, circuit training, total body sculpting, abs, abs-butts-thighs, resistaball, step aerobics, box aerobics, beginner step, tubing toning, yoga, and others. Besides the 5,000 square foot gym, there is a junior Olympic sized pool, sauna, hot tub, and racquetball court. In the evenings, there are lectures, games, demonstrations and crafts offered. Optional services include facials, manicures/pedicures, massage therapy, personal training, body wraps, and hair styling.

If you want to get in shape, get away from the busy city and not spend a lot of money, then I heartily recommend you give the Tennessee Fitness Spa a try. To see more of my experience, check out my photo album. The spa has just published a new cookbook with all the spa recipes in it. It retails for $10 plus tax and shipping. To find out more about the Tennessee Fitness Spa, you can call them at 800-235-8365 or visit their website.

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