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Huntsville Ghost Walk

Dare You Go On the Tour?


Huntsville Ghost Walk

Members of the tour capture "orbs" of ghosts.

Scott Peterson
The Huntsville Ghost Walk tour is a two-hour walk around the historic districts of Huntsville with stops along the way to hear the spooky history of the people who lived (and died) there. I scare easily, but my curiosity got the better of me. I signed myself up for this "Ghost Walk" around historic Huntsville in the Twickenham district. Of course, I chose to join a late afternoon private tour...no way was I going to go looking for ghosts after dark!

There are five tour guides on the Huntsville Ghost Walk. Our guide was Jacquelyn Procter Reeves, Huntsville historian and award-winning author of six books including "When Spirits Walk," has extensively researched the history of Huntsville and uncovered little known facts as well as rumors of haunted places. All the ghost stories that are part of the tour have been thoroughly researched and authenticated as much as possible.

The Huntsville Ghost Walk is suitable for older persons and young children. It's not scary and the two hour walk is not taxing. You walk a little bit and then stop and listen to the stories about the area you're in. There were just a couple hills on the route.

I've taken many historic home tours in the Twickenham. Old Town and Five Points areas of Huntsville. I've also read many books about the history of Huntsville and engaged in a lot of genealogy research. I was pleasantly surprised to learn a lot of new facts about Huntsville on this tour.

No reservations are need to go on the ghost walk...just show up at 6 pm at Harrison Brothers Hardware on the square and meet your group. Call (256) 509-3940 for more information or to book a private tour. The Huntsville Ghost Walk is offered in the summer on Saturday nights through Halloween night in the fall.

Jacquelyn Reeves owns Avalon Tours and offers these other tours: Maple Hill Cemetery Walk, Plantation Driving Tour, Twickenham Historic District, and Huntsville Civil War Driving Tour. Learn about the other side of Huntsville’s history on the Mischief and Mayhem Driving Tour.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not or just like to find out more about the history of Huntsville, you'll enjoy this charming tour through Huntsville's notorious past.

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