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2005 Monte Sano Homes Tour


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2095 Monte Sano Boulevard
2005 Monte Sano Homes Tour

2095 Monte Sano Boulevard

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2095 Monte Sano Boulevard
Home of Louie and Jane Tippett

Louie's father worked for Dr. Burritt, and the land where the house now stands was left to the Tippett family upon Burritt's death in 1955. The entrance gate to the house displays the Tippett family crest on both pillars. The pineapples on top symbolize hospitality and friendship. The three-story stucco and sandstone home was designed, contracted, and completed in 1991 by the Tippetts. In 2001, 3,300 cubic yards of fill dirt and topsoil were brought in to complete the backyard and to help control erosion. The seven bedroom home faces a picturesque view of South Huntsville, and antiques and collectibles are displayed throughout. The foyer opens to the great room where a magnificent view is seen through large arched windows. The back deck spans the length of the home. In the library, guests will step back in time. Photos of Burritt's home and medical diplomas are displayed here along with pictures and documents related to Huntsville's past. At the top of the stairs, the grandchildren enjoy a great room of their own with TVs, a pool table, and games.

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