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2005 Tour of Town & Country Gardens


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Bill & Claire Johnstone - 702 Adams Street - Huntsville
2005 Tour of Town & Country Gardens
Built in 1858, this graceful and stately home was originally a school; and as we stroll through today, there are still plenty of lessons to be learned from this lovely garden. Notice immediately, the plethora of plants nestled in the cracks, and at the foot of, the ancient stonewall. Dwarf mondo grass, diminutive hostas, Solomon's Seal, delicate ferns, foamflowers and miniature sedums have all found the perfect home.

A magnificent sugar maple stands guard over an airy yet private garden where generous curvilinear beds filled with anchor plantings of possumhaw, wax myrtles and bay magnolias, provide flow and draw you in. Striking spiked deep green foliage of Rhodea Lilies complement the graceful Spreading Styrax. This is the perfect spot to stop and admire the jolly cherry laurel arch.

Through the gate, sweeping lawns and deep borders of lush perennials and well-placed shrubs make for a relaxed, yet almost formal space. Majestic Sum & Substance hostas share the spotlight with Annabelle, lacecap, and French hydrangeas, phlox, and bottlebrush and serviceberry bushes.

Yes, one lesson easily learned from this garden is that maturity certainly does create serenity.

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