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2006 "The Spirit of Christmas Past" Home Tour & Luminaries


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Harrison Brothers Hardware Store
2006 "The Spirit of Christmas Past" Home Tour & Luminaries

Harrison Brothers Hardware Store

Harrison Brothers Hardware Store is the oldest hardware store in Alabama. It is now a museum and a fully-functioning store located at 124 South Side Square in downtown Huntsville and owned by the Historic Huntsville Foundation. This unique store is open Weekdays, 9-5 and Saturdays, 10-4. For more information, call 256.536.3631 or 800.533.3631.

Every year, the streets of the Twickenham and Old Town historic districts glow with the lights of thousands of luminaries assembled and distributed by neighborhood residents. This year, this tradition spreads to downtown Huntsville, as Harrison Brothers Hardware sponsors a luminary display around the Square.

To mark this event, Harrison Brothers will a hold a Luminary Open House Saturday, December 9 from 5 - 9 pm. The Maple Hill Celtic Band will perform traditional music on the sidewalk outside the store and Harrison Bros. will offer light refreshments to everyone.

All money raised goes to the Weeden House Museum, which is operated solely through the support of the Preservation District.

You can get your tickets for the Home Tour at Harrison Brothers Hardware. And, take the opportunity to shop and pick up some unique and perfect Christmas gifts.

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