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Twickenham Hictoric Preservation Tour of Homes Features Weeden House Museum
Twickenham Hictoric Preservation Tour of Homes

300 Gates Avenue - Weeden House Museum

Owned by the City of Huntsville, leased by Twickenham Historic Preservation District Association, this lovely Federal design home was built in 1819 by Henry C. Bradford during Huntsville's first economic boom. The house was for a while in the possession of associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, John McKinley. By 1845, it became the town house of Dr. William Weeden and his family. The Weeden family retained possession until 1956.

The aim of the Weeden House Museum is to illustrate family life in the 1849's, to present the fine architectural features of this Federal style house and to share the life of Maria Howard Weeden, world famous poet and watercolorist.

Upon entry to the Weeden House, guests are treated to the delightful trio of curves: the brilliant leaded-glass fanlight over the double entry door, the curved rear wall of the entry hall and the cylindrical shape of the spiral stairwell. Throughout the house one may see the intricate hand-crafted woodwork which carries on the initial theme established in the cornice at the top of the house exterior.

The Weeden House would have remained just one more lovely Federal house had it not been for the talents of Maria Howard Weeden. Born in the Weeden House in 1846, Miss Weeden became famous for her talents by depicting the fine Southern Negro in watercolor portraits and in dialect poems. Her admiration, appreciation and love for these, her fellow human beings, is abundant.

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