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Alabama Homeschooling

Information on home schooling, cover schools, and newsletters on unschooling in Alabama.

Library of links and information on getting started, school topics, message boards, and support groups from About.com guide Beverly Hernandez.

Alabama Cover Schools
Name, address, phone, and requirements for cover schools in Alabama.

Alabama Education Code For Homeschooling
Site includes excerpts from Code of Alabama 1975 to 1982 regarding children's education.

Alabama Homeschooling Support Groups
AHEN seeks to be a communication tool for Alabama Home Educators and created a website, email listserve, and packet of info.

Certificate of Empowerment
Encourages others to view the whole world as a learning experience.

Contemporary Education Academy
This church school's philosophy is: "Each home is a school and each parent is totally responsible for their families' education."

Covenant Academy Cover School
School located in Montgomery features workshops and lectures and local access to good quality homeschooling materials at a reasonable price.

Daysprings Academy
Central Alabama church school that offers a legal alternative for families who wish to homeschool. Requires 1 or 2 progress and attendance reports a year.

Heart of Alabama
Here you'll find general homeschooling information, online calendar of events, seminars, monthly newsletter, email list, and a contact list of home educators.

Family Unschoolers Network
The Family Unschoolers Network provides support for unschoolers, homeschoolers, and self-directed learners, featuring Fun books, faq's, and message boards.

Home Education Learning Magazine
A bimonthly print magazine focusing on independent learning and self-directed education. Visit HELM online for excerpts, full length features, and more information.

For kids and home education enthusiasts and self-directed learning advocates this site features discussion boards, faq's, curricula, science, and unit studies.

Pathways Academy
Here you'll find Pathway's requirements, general info on homeschooling in Alabama, and personal home pages for Pathway families.

The Unschooling List FAQ
This was compiled from many of the wise voices of a internet list called The Unschooling List. Subscription info on site.

Unschooling in Alabama
Karen's beautiful garden-themed site includes info on math resources, book reviews, unschooling books and resources, Alabama homeschools, email lists, and newsletters.

Varied Abilities School and Training Network
Designed to provide resources, information, training, and services to families of children with special needs in private or home school.

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