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Huntsville is located in Madison County in North Alabama just 25 miles from the Tennessee state line. Huntsville and the city of Madison share dividing lines. Huntsville is made up of several historic neighborhoods and many modern and new neighborhoods. Many people chose to live either in Tennessee or in a nearby small town and drive in to work in Huntsville. There are many options and lifestyles to suit everyone's preference.
  1. Twickenham
  2. Old Town
  3. Five Points Historic District
  4. Monte Sano Mountain
  5. Surrounding Towns


The Bibb-Hutchens Home

Leroy Pope was Huntsville's first land developer. He purchased much of the surrounding land and promoted re-sale to friends and acquaintances from Georgia and Virginia. In 1810, Pope gave the name of Twickenham to the town after the English home of the poet Alexander Pope.

Old Town

Calhoun Street in Old Town in Huntsville.

Old Town was designated as a Huntsville Historic District on December 12, 1974. Most of the homes date from 1880 to 1929, but the oldest house was built in 1828. On July 18, 1978, Old Town was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Five Points Historic District

Tour of Five Points Historic District

The Five Points Historic Preservation District, established in 1999, began as part of the 1892 East Huntsville Addition, and developed slowly over the course of a century.

Monte Sano Mountain

Monte Sano Homes

Monte Sano Mountain towers above Huntsville and provides a breathtaking view of the city. The houses on Monte Sano are a variety of sizes and prices, from the largest house in Huntsville to small cabins. Monte Sano means "mountain of health" and housed a health resort in the 1800's with rich people from all over the country coming to "take their health." Monte Sano State Park is on the mountain, plus the Burritt on the Mountain--A Living Museum and the Von Braun Astronomy Center.

Surrounding Towns


There are a lot of small towns surrounding Huntsville. Within a 50 mile radius you'll find Gurley, Mooresville, Meridianville, New Hope, Madison, Detaur and Scottsboro.

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