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Promiment Huntsville Doctor Brutally Murdered in 1992

Who Killed Dr. Jack Wilson?


At almost exactly 9:30 on the evening of May 22, 1992, Huntsville police were notified by the 911 dispatcher of a possible burglary in progress with an injured victim at the scene. The location was Boulder Circle; an affluent neighborhood nestled among the mountains overlooking Huntsville.

            Within minutes of arriving on the scene, police discovered the body of a male, identified as Dr. Jack Wilson, lying in the upstairs hallway. He had been brutally murdered, apparently with a baseball bat that was found lying nearby. Homicide detectives began searching every square inch of the house and grounds and a police dog was brought in to sniff out possible evidence the police might over look. As they began the tedious task of trying to determine what had happened, none of them realized they were about to become involved in the most notorious murder case in Huntsville'’ history.

            By talking to neighbors and reconstructing the events, the police determined that Dr. Wilson had left his office around 4:00 p.m. He changed clothes and went outside to his front yard where neighbors reported seeing him using a baseball bat to drive a campaign sign in the ground. This was at approximately 4:30 p.m. Apparently; he then took a stepladder from the garage and carried it to the upstairs hallway where he removed a smoke detector from the ceiling. It was later found lying on the bed, disassembled.

            At this point, police theorized Dr. Wilson was surprised by someone who was already in the house. The unknown assailant grabbed the baseball bat and began beating the doctor. After the doctor collapsed to the floor, the assailant stabbed him twice with a knife.

            Though the crime had originally been reported as a possible burglary, it had none of the typical signs. There were no open drawers, ransacked closets and overturned furniture usual in most burglary cases. The whole case was beginning to look more like an “inside job.”

            The widow, Mrs. Betty Wilson, was too distraught at the time to be questioned but later investigation revealed she had lunch with her husband that day around 12:00.After he returned to his medical office, she spent much of the day shopping in preparation of a trip they planned for the next morning. Later that evening, after attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting she returned home at about 9:30where she discovered her husband’s body. She went to a neighbor’s home and they called 911.

            By using credit card receipts and eyewitnesses the police were able to verify Mrs. Wilson’s whereabouts for the whole day, except for one 30-minute period at around 2:30 p.m., and between 5 and 5:30 p.m.

            Other family members were checked out but they all appeared to have alibis.

The first break for the investigators came when the Shelby County Sheriff’s office passed on a tip they had received the week before. A woman had called, concerned about a friend of hers. James White whom while drunk had talked about killing a doctor in Huntsville. The whole story was garbled, but what emerged was that White was supposed to be infatuated with a lady by the name of Peggy Lowe who had recruited him to murder her twin sister’s husband in Huntsville.

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