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Alabama Child Sex Offenders & Their Punishment

Protecting Our Children


A law in Alabama promises to protect our state's children from "dangerous sexual offenders," says former Alabama Attorney General Troy King. The bill passed 101 to 0 in the House of Representatives and 33 to 0 in the Senate. "We have taken the old, inadequate law that lulled families into a false sense of security, and we have replaced it with a tough and effective new Community Notification Act that will punish sex offenders and give law enforcement the procedures and tools to track sex offenders and to truly keep Alabama's children safe from these vicious predators."

Former Alabama Gov. Bob Riley described the bill, at the time of its creation, as "a leap forward in protecting the state's children" and warned predators that they will face tougher criminal and financial penalties if they target children. Alabama warns you, if you dare prey on our children, you will find yourself locked up in a prison for a long, long time with no chance of parole and no chance of probation."

Former Attorney General Troy King went into more detail on the bill: "The answer, of course, is that those who receive mandatory minimum sentences, that means--no parole, no probation, no good time, no split sentences, that means you are going to prison. They will not wear bracelets for 20 years because they will be in prison for 20 years," said Alabama Attorney General. "After that prison term, convicts will then have to wear an electronic tracking bracelet for the next 10 years."

Legal definitions of what constitutes child sexual abuse usually require that the offender be older than the victim. Researchers estimate that, in our country, about 10% of boys and 25% of girls are sexually abused.

According to the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS), a national survey of high school students, approximately 9% of students reported having been forced to have sexual intercourse against their will in their lifetime. This site for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children lists signs to look for if you suspect sexual exploitation of a child. The Child Safety Act of 2005 will provide much needed reforms to ensure the safety of thousands of children and their foster and adoptive families all across our nation.

For more information on Child Sexual Abuse, check out these sources:

Alabama Dept. of Public Safety - Alabama Bureau of Investigation
Searchable registry maintained by the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, Alabama Department of Public Safety.

Code of Alabama 1975, Title 15, Chapter 20 - Sex Offenders
What the law on the book says about sex offenders.

State of Alabama's Official Attorney General
Web site for Attorney General opinions and specific laws..

Alabama Sex Offender Registry
Access to sex offender information in Alabama is provided to the public as the result of the Jacob Wetterling Registration Act , which was passed by the United States Congress and Megan's Law , which requires states to release relevant information about registered offenders to protect the public.

National Alert Registry
The National Alert Registry was organized to help protect children from becoming victims of sexual offenders. The Predator Report allows you to view thousands of database records on sexual offenders from a single source.

Family Watchdog
Enter your address in a form and find out where sex offenders live near you. Click on square and a window pops up with photo and description of the offender, address and crime committed.

Crime Victims Rights
If you are the victim of a crime in Alabama, you have certain rights.

Huntsville City Police
Check the city police site for information on crime forms, parking tickets, employment and everything connect with the police department.

Family Help in Alabama
This site has a lot of useful information of all kinds for families, including domestic violence, aids, suicide and pornography tip hotline numbers, school programs and services, and mental health and substance abuse contacts.

Poll: How Should Alabama Convicted Child Sex Offenders Be Punished?
Tell us how you feel about punishment for sex offenders.
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