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Rabbit of the Week: Treasure


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Introducing Treasure...
Rabbit of the Week: Treasure

Treasure is Very Social & Loving...

Photo Courtesy of Huntsville Animal Services
This week Huntsville Animal Services is featuring "Treasure" as their Rabbit of the Week. Treasure was brought in with his sister, Trinket, and eight other bunnies who need homes.

Treasure is a very attractive little boy who is only about three months old. Treasure's ears appear to be dropping, so we think he will soon be a lop eared bunny - at that point he will just be too cute to resist!

Treasure is a Florida White/mini-lop mix bunny and will get to be about a medium size. We think he might like to be adopted with his sister, but could also be a single bunny. He is very social and loving, and, like all baby bunnies, he really likes to play and have fun.

For a baby bunny he is not bad in his litter box, and will get better when he has been neutered. Come on in to the Shelter and see him soon.

Be sure and stop by soon at the Huntsville Animal Shelter on Triana Blvd. from 9 am to 5 pm on Monday-Friday or Saturday 9 am-3 pm to meet Treasure or any of the other cats or dogs on Adoption Row. There is a large selection to chose from and all are anxiously awaiting a new home. For more information, call 883-3782.

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