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Five Points Historic Homes


Five Points Historic Homes

807 Randolph Avenue

807 Randolph Avenue, the 1906 Scott - Hummell House a simple Victorian single-story wood frame home that features a small L-shaped porch. The porch detailing of flat jigsaw cut trim was maintained when this home recently underwent restoration. Otto & Martha Hummell owned it from 1907 to 1964.

The family business was listed in the 1906 Weekly Mercury as the "Artistic Monumental Works" J. F. Hummell & Sons; around 1905 they gave the lion in Big Spring Park to the City "for as long as children were to play in the park", they also created the Confederate Memorial on the Courthouse Square along with beautiful headstones and grave markers. But after marrying, Otto took a job with the postal service, and went on to retire from that occupation.

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